Monday, June 2, 2008

wedding photography

Wedding photography is probably what I love best about being a photographer. There is something about being a part of that special day. Everyone is happy, everyone looks their best, and my goal is to give them the memories they deserve that will last a lifetime.

With today's rising gas prices, I try to keep my prices low so that it is cost efficient for my clients and I make a little in the process. Since I don't have any overhead, I can keep my prices low. Currently my cost for 6 hours of wedding photography is $650.00. Included in that price is your wedding ceremony and or temple pictures, reception coverage, photo editing, photo cd of all photos (except photo collages) and 5 8x10 photo collages. These are kind of my trademark which is why I don't include those on the cd's. For an additional $50.00 you can get a wedding photo book with 10 pages of collages from the engagement photos to bridals to the wedding.

This is something I have absolutely enjoyed doing. Being a photographer wasn't what I had planned to do with my life, it was kind of plopped in my lap. It all started with my sister. She was getting married and didn't want to pay a photographer, so she asked me to do them. I had taken good pictures in the past, and her photos turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

From there, a friend of mine asked me to do her family portraits. Everything skyrocked from there. More and more people asked me to do theirs. So as you can see, this is how I started. Everything I have learned, I have learned by doing the wrong way. Now I know what works. I love to capture the love and passion between couples. As cheesy as they may think they are, they love them in the end.

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