Thursday, September 3, 2009

Funk / Foust family


Brissy said...

HOLLY!!!!! We love them! You are amazing! So what do we do now? I want to buy a cd with collages. And also the 3rd package. Emily my sis-in-law might want a big one of her and my brother blown up. The only problem is in Mine and Bret's collage his name only has 1 "T" BRET. I know people spell it with 2 all the time it's confusing. So is there anyway you could change that? Because I want almost every single pic! LOVE THEM!

shawna said...

Wow Holly you are amazing. I love them all and you did such a good job.
Thanks again . I will get a hold of you through Melissa and let you know what we want. Thanks again.